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Thickness: +/- 27 cm

Viscosoft Foam + BioTherm: 5 cm

12 restareas

Firmness DuoSystem H2-H3: Firmness Face A medium and Firmness Face B High



Reinforced perimeter, special security stitching for better compactness

Total independence of beds

Fully antistatic

Anatomical and ergonomic

AirSense System: Comfortable and Adaptable

Stretch 3D fabric

Lumbar reinforcement

Long durability

Quality system


European certification

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The mattress Master Class Multizone is defined by its high quality and maximum comfort as it has a padding that provides a first soft contact, but a firm and stable support.

The composition of this mattress includes a 5 cm thick multilayer system composed of SuperSoft Foam and Biotherm fibers. All these components make this mattress provide a comfortable rest and are perfectly adapted to the shapes of your body.

The mattress Master Class Multizone is firm with 12 rest areas that together with the adaptability of the core, plus the comfort of the SuperSoft Foam, create a perfect rest.

The mattress is manufactured by combining a high density HR core, which ensures the firmness of the mattress, and Biotherm fibers layers that cushion and provide the so-called cloud effect. In addition, this core guarantees the independence of beds and allows two people to rest on the mattress without affecting the adaptability and firmness of each bed.

This mattress has the Duo-System technology which provides two independent strengths for each face:

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