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High firmness.

100% viscoelastic, 0% additives: injection molded perforated viscoelastic core.

Available sizes: 75, 90, 135 and 150

Recovers the original shape.

Sanitized: Anti-mite


AIDIMME quality certificate.<

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The Black Perforated Carbon Pillow is a 100% viscoelastic pillow with carbon particles that discharge static electricity from our body achieving a total anti-stress effect.

Carbon is an excellent natural filter that eliminates bad odors and reduces oxidation.

In addition, the core is perforated so it improves ventilation, helping to dissipate moisture and providing a bonus of smoothness. This reduces overheating and night sweats.

Redommended for those who are looking for a high quality pillow with optimal adaptability and high firmness. In addition, it helps align cervicals, achieves total relaxation and enhances the body's ability to recover. You will be able to rest optimally and get up more vigorously every morning.

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