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VINYL CARPET Original carpet with printed design and styles designed to give a touch of color and modernity. Perfect for the type kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, children's play areas… Materials: PVC resistant material walkable. Recommendations of use: This vinyl carpet due to foot traffic can suffer wear and tear over time. Do not step on the carpet if it is not completely dry. Application recommendations: This carpet is manufactured with material sensitive to the weight; we recommend to protect it with a cloth those elements that can damage it (especially the feet of the furniture) The direct contact of sunlight may discolor the product in the long run. The surface on which to place the carpet should be dry and clean. In the case of needing a bigger 1: 1, you can apply in the back double-sided adhesive tape. Maintenance recommendations: Carefully clean with a damp rag and a little soap and water (preferably neutral). Do not use aggressive cleaning tools such as mops and scrapers. The cleaning products that contain alcohol solvent or abrasive products may damage the printed surface. To store, wrap the carpet and close it with laces that are not adhesive (ropes, elastic, cloth laces ...). General characteristics: * Thickness: 2.8 mm. * Thermal insulation * Easy to clean * Protects the parquet wood * Allergy, treated with bactericide and fungicide applied. * Rollable for sending or keeping Made in the EU.

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